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Flat roof insulation


Low cost, highly efficient, Roofshield keeps the heat where it needs to be Springvale Roofshield has been providing the effective, efficient, cost-effective solution to insulating a wide variety 'flat' roof constructions for decades, making substantial contributions to energy efficiency. An expanded polystyrene rigid board, Roofshield is supplied pre-cut to ensure efficient rainwater run-off.

It is available as both laminated and non-laminated insulation boards to receive a variety of waterproofing layers such as built up felt, mastic asphalt or single ply membranes. Roofshield boards are supplied in a single layer to reduce installation time and can be used in a variety of domestic, commercial or industrial flat or tapered roof applications including concrete deck, metal deck or timber board substrates. The products are supplied in 3 grades, EPS 100, EPS 150 and EPS 200 to meet all compressive strength requirements.

Several board sizes can be supplied to reduce wastage, and any fall gradient can be achieved. The specification of cut-to-falls insulation is a complex task that calls for experience. Springvale's technical department has been providing and designing cut-to falls systems for many years and can ensure that your roofs will operate efficiently, however complex the design. All boards are supplied sequentially marked, to make installation a simple task. Roofshield is as friendly to the environment as it is to the installer. CFC and HCFC-free, it has an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero; a Global Warming Potential of zero, achieves a BRE Ecopoints ratingof 0.043, will last the life of the building and is totally recyclable at the end of the building’s life.


Roofshield products have been awarded BBA certificate 08/4529. The products are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 13163:2001 and under an ISO 9001:2000 approved quality management system.


Roofshield is available through a network of system providers. Please contact Springvale for details on 01457 863211.


The thermal insulation properties of Roofshield will remain effective for the life of the building. EPS is a dimensionally stable product, which is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. It is also nontoxic and non-irritant.

Moisture Resistance

Roofshield can be laid in damp conditions without compromising its performance or longevity

Fire Performance

Fire performance depends on the roof structure as a whole and the type of the finish applied. Roofshield can be supplied in both fire retardant and non-fire retardant grades and is classified as Euroclass E.

Building Regulation Requirements

To comply with approved document ADL1, the maximum area weighted average U-value for a roof is 0.25W/m2K. However, the U-value should be seen as a guide only. Pre and Post construction SAP calculations are required for new dwellings or SBEM calculations for buildings other than dwellings to ensure compliance. This is a service that Springvale's Technical Department will be delighted to carry out on your behalf. For more information visit


The environmental intergrity of Roofshield products is exceptional:

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • <5 GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • A+ BRE greenguide rating for generic EPS products
  • CFC, HFC and HCFC free
  • Contains recycled content
  • Boards are recyclable

Site Work

Handling & Storage

Packs of Roofshield are delivered to site wrapped in polythene and palletised. The product labeling system, packing list and installation drawing allows for easy installation. Store panels in original packaging under cover and protect from direct sunlight. Keep boards above ground level and out of contact with solvents and materials containing volatile organic compounds such as coal tar, pitch and cresote. Do not expose to naked flame or other ignition sources during storage or installation.

Health & Safety

The product is chemically inert and safe to use.

Installation Guide

A full guide can be downloaded or please contact our Technical Advisory Service 0845 769 7452.

Specification Clause

Roofshield should be described in specifications as:

The roof insulation shall be Roofshield, EPS____, with an average thickness of ____mm, manufactured to BS EN 13163 by Springvale EPS Ltd. BBA approved Expanded Polystyrene boards (certificate no. 08/4529) to be installed according to Springvale’s instructions.

Refer to NBS Plus, clauses for further information:

  • J21 – 110;115;410
  • J31 – 120;335
  • J41 – 410;110;115
  • J42 – 110;410
  • K11 – 693


Thermal conductivity 0.033 / 0.034 / 0.035 W/mK
Board Size 1200 x 600mm
(others available to reduce wastage)
Thickness Thicknesses and degree of slope designed specifically for each application
Approvals BBA approved, certificate no. 08/4529
meets NHBC recommendations.
Environmental Standards CFC + HCFC free
ODP + GWP zero
BRE EcoPoints rating (from 0.043)
Quality Standards BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
BS EN 13163: 2001
Compressive Strength at 10% deformation 200 / 150 / 100 kPa

Property EPS 100 EPS 150 EPS 200
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0.035 0.034 0.033
Water vapour permeability
0.010 – 0.024 0.010 – 0.024 0.007 – 0.018
Compressive strength at 10% deformation (kPa) 100 150 200
Board size (mm)
(others available to reduce wastage)
1200 x 600
Thickness (mm) Thickness and degree of slope designed specifically for each application
Single Ply U-value W/m2K
Asphalt Finish 0.16 0.20 0.25
Metal Deck 215mm 170mm 135mm
Timber Board 210mm 165mm 130mm
Concrete Deck 210mm 165mm 130mm

Typical thickness of Roofshield EPS 100 with Perlite required to achieve the following U-values

Felt or Mastic U-value W/m2K
Asphalt Finish 0.16 0.20 0.25
Metal Deck 210mm + PERLITE 165mm + PERLITE 130mm + PERLITE
Timber Board 200mm + PERLITE 155mm + PERLITE 120mm + PERLITE
Concrete Deck 210mm + PERLITE 160mm + PERLITE 125mm + PERLITE


Typical Detail of Boarded Timber with Roofing Felt
Typical Detail of Concrete Deck with Mastic Asphalt
Typical Detail of Metal Deck with Single Ply Membrane

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