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Ecobead Case Study

Ecobead Case Study

Beattie Passive Build System Ltd are constructing four ground-breaking passive houses in Fife, Scotland. This unique system utilises Platinum Ecobead as the main insulation in floors, walls and ceilings. Owner and Managing Director Ron Beattie says ' The ease of installation and essentially the guarantee of a complete fill makes Platinum Ecobead by Springvale the perfect solution for this building system'. The house will be the first in the UK to gain a Scottish Passive house system approval and will achieve code level 5 at a cost no other construction can possibly hope to achieve.

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Insulation that's faster, cleaner and eliminates waste

EcoBead is a high performance, injected, blown bead EPS insulation system that can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial cavity wall constructions as a full fill insulation solution.

Incredibly fast to install and with no waste, it is just as suitable for new build as it is for improving the thermal performance of existing buildings.

Ecobead is a truly modern method of construction. In new build construction you can build both leaves of a cavity wall right up to the roofline, with no stopping and starting to install the insulant. The insulating bead can be injected at any subsequent stage, speeding construction programmes and reducing costs.

The EPS beads are injected into the wall with a specially designed adhesive and bond together forming a solid mass inside the cavity. The unique flow of bead coupled with its lightness enables the insulant to conform precisely to every fissure of the block and brickwork, producing a complete fill every time. The beads' spherical structure creates tiny air pockets in the insulant once the adhesive has dried.

Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, allowing the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer leaf to drain away immediately.

EcoBead is unaffected by flood water ingress where water is free from harmful contaminants. Please contact our technical department for further information.

Ecobead is available in original white EPS or as Platinum, to provide even higher insulation values.

Platinum EcoBead is an EPS bead which incorporates a graphite component called Neopor®, manufactured by BASF, to provide significantly improved thermal insulation performance, for example, to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes or just to improve SAP ratings.

Ecobead application


The environmental integrity of EcoBead and Platinum EcoBead is exceptional:

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • <5 GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • A+ BRE Green Guide rating for generic EPS products
  • CFC, HFC and HCFC free
  • No wastage on site
  • Green guide summary 'A' rating
  • EcoBead is 100% recyclable


EcoBead has been awarded BBA certificate No: 04/4167. It is manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 13163:2001 and under an ISO 9001:2000 approved quality management system. The EcoBead system is guaranteed by CIGA in all retro-fit installations.

Thermal Conductivity

EcoBead has a K value of 0.040 W/mK
Platinum EcoBead has a K value of 0.033 W/mK


The thermal insulation properties of EcoBead and Platinum EcoBead will remain effective for the life of the building. The insulation will not crack nor settle. It is a dimensionally stable, chemically inert product, which is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. It is also non-toxic and non-irritant.

Moisture Resistance

Due to the unique design, the system will not transmit water across the cavity.

Fire Performance

When used in a masonry cavity wall EcoBead will not prejudice the fire resistant properties of the wall.

Building Regulation Requirements

Changes to Approved Document L were implemented in April 2006. Houses designed to the previous regulations will require radical changes in order to meet the required carbon dioxide emission reductions. A minimum reduction of 20% in CO2 emissions is required for the whole building. Guideline U-value for a cavity wall is 0.27 W/m2K. Pre and Post construction SAP calculations are required to ensure compliance. This is a service that Springvale’s Technical Department will be delighted to carry out on your behalf. For more information, visit


EcoBead can be installed by approved installers throughout the UK, subject to a survey assessment.


All installations are carried out by approved installers offering a supply and fix service. A series of 22mm holes are drilled on either the inside (new build) or outside (retro-fit) leaf of the cavity construction. The system is set into motion and the EPS beads are premixed with adhesive, and injected into the cavity under pressure. When the target pressure is reached, the backpressure causes the system to shut down, so overfilling is avoided. This process is carried out on every injection point from the lowest to the highest. Up to 500m2 of cavity walls can be ulated in a single day by one installation vehicle. For more information, please contact our Technical Advisory Service Tel: 0845 769 7452.

Specification Clause

EcoBead and Platinum EcoBead should be described in specification as:
The wall insulation shall be EcoBead/Platinum EcoBead, ___mm thick, high performance, BBA approved injected insulation system BBA No. 04/4167. Refer to NBS Plus, clause P11 220 (cavity fill) for further information.

Performance Examples/Retro-fit

The table below shows U-Values for some typical cavity wall constructions before and after Platinum EcoBead insulation is installed.

Performance Examples/New Build

The table below shows typical U-Values (W/m2K) achieved using Platinum EcoBead in various Construction types and cavity widths.

Cavity Wall Construction
Cavity Width Un-insulated
Med Den
50mm 1.40 0.56
Med Den
60mm 1.40 0.49
Brick Plaster
50mm 1.46 0.57
Brick Plaster
60mm 1.46 0.49

External Wall Construction Cavity Width
75mm 80mm 90mm 100mm
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs,
100mm AAC Block (l=0.15) & Brick Outer
0.30 0.29 0.27 0.25
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs,
100mm AAC Block (l=0.19) & Brick Outer
0.31 0.30 0.27 0.25
12.5mm Platerboard on Dabs,
100mm Medium Density Aggregate Block (l=0.47) & Brick Outer
0.34 0.32 0.29 0.27
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs,
100mm Dense Concrete Block
(l=1.13) & Brick Outer
0.35 0.33 0.30 0.28
12.5mm Plasterboard on Dabs,
100mm Lightweight Block
(l=0.09) & Brick Outer
0.28 0.26 0.24 0.23

Thermal conductivity 0.033 W/mK
Approvals BBA approved, certificate no: 04/4167, CIGA, NSAI
Environmental Standards ODP & GWP zero
CFC & HCFC free
BRE Ecopoints rating (from 0.043)
Quality Standards BS EN ISO 9001:2000

® Platinum is a registered trademark of Springvale EPS Ltd. Neopor is a registered trademark of BASF.

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