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Beamshield Case Study

Beamshield Case Study

The unique Platinum Beamshield Plus Easi-Fit unit was supplied to Crest Nicholson at the Kent Music School site in Maidstone. The 347mm thick units were supplied in conjunction with concrete T-beams from CR Longley to achieve a 0.12 U value. The Crest site manager Mr Bert Halley was 'very impressed with the speed of installation', and James Nicholas of Fankis Solutions the Ground work contractor was amazed at how quickly he was able to install the units and in particular the reduction in beam handling.

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Insulation for suspended T-beam floors...

Importance of detailing at junctions

By the adoption of good practice at the design stage there are considerable savings to be made in the amount of heat lost through bridges at critical junctions in houses. Around 30% of heat in the fabric of a typical house can be lost as a result of thermal bridging.

Springvale EPS promote good practice in the use of all of its EPS flooring products and can provide Psi values for Beamshield Plus in both masonry and timber frame constructions.

Below we detail some of the critical aspects of a floor wall junction incorporating Beamshield Plus. Springvale use State-of-the-Art Trisco Physibel software to model floor/wall junctions to specifically reflect the type of beam, beam layout and thickness of Beamshiled Plus in the floor. The thermal graphics shown below demonstrate how good detailing has prevented a cold bridge at the floor/wall junction.

Example of some critical values for floor/wall/foundation design

Wall U value 0.25 W/m2K
Inner leaf value (Grey) 0.11 W/m2K
Floor U value 0.15 W/m2K
Foundation walls (Blue) 0.19 W/m•K Lightweight Block etc
Cavity wall insulation (Yellow) extends to base of cavity or 300mm from top of Beamshield
Perimeter insulation (Cerise) 30mm Platinum
Beamshield PSI Values

Thermal Graphics - 3D Thermal Analysis

Modelling of critical junctions

Physibel software 2D (BISCO) and 3D (TRISCO) is the state-of-the-art method for accurate calculation of heat transfer through complex junctions. The graphics below demonstrate where cold bridges occur, and the program itself offers the modeller the opportunity to solve bridging issues well before building designs are finalised. As you can see below good practice in the design of wall/floor/foundation junctions can eliminate costly heat loss at junctions and give both the developer and SAP/Code assessor alike confidence in the performance of Beamshield Plus.

Wherever a Beamshield Plus suspended insulated infill floor is to be used Springvale EPS will be pleased to advise the most effective ways of achieving good U and PSi values. The thermal graphics shown below demonstrate how good detailing has prevented a cold bridge at the floor/wall junction.

Reduced Beam Centres

Reduced Beam Centres

Multiple Beams

Multiple Beams

Party Walls

Party Walls Party Walls

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